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Web Design and Email Marketing

A website gives you one shot at making an impression. If people find it difficult to read or spend ages waiting for information to download, they’ll close their browser and you’ll probably never hear from them again.

I plan, design and build websites that collect customers rather than losing them.  As part of my website development service, all sites are tested across different browsers and platforms and structured so that visits are converted into sales or meeting requests.

I can also provide full content management system training so your site is easy to update, a social media strategy to start you off on Twitter or Facebook and help with hosting and buying a domain name.


Informational Site

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I know the pros and cons of all the options for ecommerce platforms and can help guide you make the right choice for your website. Selling vaccums door to door is a thing of the past and the internet is just a click away to the next best idea!

Custom CMS Platform

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Restaurant Platforms

While food is good, it’s a well known fact that going into business in the food industry is often the hardest. Restaurant owners have to almost be geniuses in their own right to create a spot that serves food liked by the masses, but also creates a strategy of longevity, I've helped with that strategy with branding and with the web platform.

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Made with Squarespace

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Email Marketing

Consistent branding and marketing is essential for client recognition and to provide a quality presentation in every aspect of your business. We achieve that with email marketing and customer engagement.